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Pemberton is home to a unique and diverse group of creatives, ranging from fine artists to dancers, sculptors to fibre artists, musicians to photographers, and more. All drawing inspiration from this incredible, awe-inspiring place we call home.  

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Aurora Warren

Illustration and Graphic Design

Email:    Instagram: @ror_illustration

Aurora recently collaborated with Pemberton Arts Council and The Beer Farmers to create the beautiful bespoke  beer can labels for our Pint for Pemberton Fundraiser  Make sure to tag us on social media when you spot one! 

"My semi-realist illustrations are usually a whimsical mix of wildlife, femininity, nature, vulnerability and sometimes some dark humour thrown in. My art helps me navigate my own story from my upbringing back in Ireland as the 6th of 9 children, to my journey through falling in love, beginning motherhood and unfortunately entering into widowhood as I began my 30’s. My art has travelled with me and I find it interesting to watch how it reflects my internal ups and downs, slowly forming a visual story of my life and interests so far. I hope, over the next few years, to continue to grow my work in Graphic Design and Illustration, and ultimately get to create full time."

Check out our interview with Aurora below.

Q: Your favourite medium to work with + why?

A : Pen, ink and watercolour are at the heart and soul of my art but more recently I create digital art in the iPad app “Procreate” and on the Adobe suites.

Q: How does living in Pemberton affect your creative process?

A: It’s an incredibly inspiring and supportive place to get to create in. When I’m not feeling like putting pen to paper (or iPad as it is usually) I love that I can step outside and Pemberton always has something to remind me why I want to create in the first place, whether that’s beautiful trails/nature/sport or being social in this wonderful community.

Q: What is something you wish you would have known about your creative process or career earlier?

A: That perfectionism can hold you back and you can’t always control how others see your work. Being open and sharing my vulnerable work, my unfinished work, my not so great pieces has led me to discover camaraderie with others, connection and a confidence to let my creations go and mean what they will to other people. I’m not saying quality doesn’t matter too, but quantity sure helps you get to quality so don’t be scared to put your “meh” art out there!

Q: What is something unusual, unexpected, or that most people don't know about the creative work you do? 

A: I have a whole subset of my art that involves making inks and dyes from natural materials such as fungi, lichen, walnut husks and even paints from crushed rocks.

Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the creative work you do?


  • Consistent practice will always yield good results.
  • Follow your weird curiosity and don’t worry what others will think of it.
  • Taking courses is worth it.
  • Get a matte screen protector for your iPad to make it feel like paper.
  • Comparison kills creativity (and joy!)
  • Make a lot of “bad” art and don’t worry too much about finding your style, eventually a style will find you and it will be hard to escape it so enjoy your freedom to explore!!

You can find Aurora and follow her work over in instagram: @ror_illustration


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